Between Lenses | Urban

When I started University, I thought that living in the city would be absolutely fantastic, being closer to my classmates, to the shops, to that lovely tea room with tasty cakes, the museums and the exhibitions. I couldn't wait to spend few hours between my classes with my friends exploring the city and new places to have lunch. We were so close to a friend of mine's house that we even had a tea almost every afternoon before the next class.

I spent my childhood and my teens traveling several hours a day to reach my school from my small village, so that new urban life was very appealing to me.

Then, after few years, things changed and now I feel myself more comfortable in my old country house, in the village where I grew up, away from everything, but close to nature. Now I couldn't move to the city, I would suffocate among those buildings without seeing the hills, my hills. On the contrary, my parents are getting older and they'd like to move to the city. "Fortunately" we can't, yet.

For this month's theme, Urban, I chose this photo taken next to a cathedral during a sunny but cold afternoon.

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