December Photo Challenge? Yes, please.

December Daily™ 2013 | Day 12

I love photo challenges, they help me to stay focused on photography, but also to 'keep it simple' snapping moments of my everyday life that I'll love to see again in the future. Good memories are powerful tools that help us to remember how lucky we are. I have a huge album full of photos of my childhood and I often find myself flipping those pages with nostalgia and happiness. On the other hand, I always loved scrapbooking and doing other crafts with paper, that's why I'd die to own at least one of the Project Life kits. Unfortunately I can't afford the costs of printing my photos or purchasing a home printer, so this is only a dream for now.

Few months ago I stumbled upon Ali Edwards' blog and I fell in love with her December Daily project. You can find plenty of photo challenges for the month of December around the corner, but December Daily is my favourite, so far. Also because it can be done in different ways.

Since I'm struggling with papers and printers, my idea is to go digital and document my own December days to Christmas with photos, words and hashtags. It opens also the possibility to add other challenges along the road.

So, what you should expect? I'll share my daily photos on Instagram, using the hashtag #DecemberDaily, as Ali Edwards suggested, and I'll post a weekly summary here on the blog.

I thought about sharing my December Daily also on Facebook (since my Twitter is more Middle-earth News-related in this time of the year), I have 50-something followers on my page, but I keep not liking Facebook at all. This is my problem, I recognize that. During the past few weeks I put so much effort updating my personal profile, trying to follow more people, sharing my posts and so on. But the main problem is still that, even if I have 50 followers, my posts reach only 10/15 of them! (You can read more about the problem with Facebook here) It's frustrating and since my blog is not my primary job, I can't spend my time sharing things that probably nobody will see because Facebook has changed its codes.

That said, feel free to follow me on Instagram for my December Daily updates!

Are you going to do some December photo challenges? You can leave a comment below, I'd love to hear about that! xo Alice

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