December Daily | Week 1

The first week of December is almost over and I couldn't be more happier. I learnt how to document my days using funny, fast and easy ways that will also help me to remember who I was during December 2014.

  1. Monday. I opened my advent calendar, excited like a child, and I found that cute little tree. I put it on my desk, next to the laptop, it keeps me company when I study.
  2. Tuesday. My wintry village is now working all day in my bedroom. It's the gift my parents gave me last Christmas, I love it!
  3. Wednesday. 'Snow in Love' is my favourite candle scent to smell when I'm tired and I just wanna chill out on the sofa.
  4. Thursday. I decorated my Christmas tree and I fought all day with my cat, because she wanted to climb it. Nothing bad, I mean, she's an animal, but the fact that she weighs like a baby bear doesn't help.
  5. Friday. The sky has been grey for kinda two weeks, a belated Fall. I loved it because I think it's the perfect weather to read Harry Potter (I'm loving the #HPDec!).
  6. Saturday. Another present from my advent calendar. I love candles, I light them up even during the hottest days of Summer.
  7. Sunday. I totally forgot this little owl, because I purchased it last year at the after-Christmas sales. It's made of plastic, so it's climber-cat safe!
You can see more photos of this week at my Instagram profile.

This week I also started a new project, as I previously wrote, called Currently List by ruKristin. I'll fill these cards every week and I'll put them in my December Daily notebook and then in my Moleskine planner (when the new year will start). It's my week at a glance and it's amazing how many things I can actually tell just writing a list.

Are you documenting your December, too? Feel free to leave a comment below, I'd love to hear about your projects. xo. Alice

The collage above is made with Project Life App and the Seasonal Snapshot Edition cards, the Currently Journaling card can be downloaded here.

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