December Daily | Week 2

I'm really happy to have completed also my second week of December snapping at least a photo every day.

  • Monday. I already started filling out my 2015 planner, I love so much this Moleskine that I can't wait for January to actually start using it!
  • Tuesday. We purchased a bag of my favourite Xmas treats.
  • Wednesday. The weather is very cold and grey, so a tasty cocoa is what I need to warm up my afternoons.
  • Thursday. Sugar candies are the best.
  • Friday. My cat loves to drive me crazy doing all the forbidden things, like touching (and breaking) plants.
  • Saturday. I went to my favourite grocery store to start purchasing yummy food for the several Xmas dinners/parties I'm going to participate (and host).
  • Sunday. Finding a girl-ish present is always so cute. Say hello to Snowy, my little pony!

You can see more photos of this week at my Instagram profile.

How was your week? xo. Alice

The collage above is made with Project Life App and the Seasonal Snapshot Edition cards.

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