December Daily | Week 4

Welcome to the last weekly recap of December Daily 2014! I decided to skip 5 Fandom Friday today to share my Christmas week, since I decided to finish the project at December 25, just like Ali Edwards.

  • Monday. I watched The Hobbit for the second time at the movie teather. Love.
  • Tuesday. Last day at my University before some Christmas relax.
  • Wednesday. I spent my afternoon wrapping up presents, writing cards, cooking with mom and cleaning home. I spent my Christmas Eve watching a special episode of Bones and doing a marathon of my favourite Christmas movies.
  • Thursday. I celebrated Christmas Day with my family (and I played some LOTRO too! #geek4evah).
You can see all my December Daily photos here: week 1, week 2, week 3.

How was your Christmas week?

The collage above is made with Project Life App and the Seasonal Snapshot Edition cards.

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