Documenting December 2014

Happy first day of December, everyone!

I’m really excited for this month, since I joined several project that will help me to record this last month of the year in an awesome way. Joining so many project has been an impulsive, but happy, choice, after realizing that I filled my Moleskine notebook just with sad and angry words during the past few years.

I don’t want to annoy who will read this post, so I’ll just say that I’ve been through some personal trouble lately that made me see everything under a bad light. Basically I just wrote things that made me angry, disappointed me, made me sad and so on. I reached the point that I was  ashamed to reread my own thoughts, and this is the worse thing to do with a personal diary. I mean, you start thinking of recording your own life and you end up writing a tedious and angry stream of consciousness that you’ll never want to reread.

I realized it wasn’t me. I never been that way. I had to change. And what about the best month of year to do that?

Other projects has been added to December Daily, as I suspected. I rewarded myself joining other amazing people to document and enjoy this month.

30 Days of Lists (#30Lists). I’ll receive an email everyday for the whole month of December (like an advent calendar until January!) with a prompt for listing. It will help me to focus myself on who am I at this moment and having something to reread (and not being ashamed of) in the future.

Harry Potter Group Re-Read-Along (#HPDec). No specific rules, just a rereading of the Harry Potter saga at your own pace during December. There is also a Facebook group to discuss the books with other fellow potterheads. How could I not participating?

Currently List (#CurrentlyList). This isn’t a December project, actually. I already do something similar each month here on the blog, but I love how Kristin of RuKristin organized it, so my goal is to continue filling these weekly cards also in 2015. That means I don’t know how this will fit with my blog series of Currently, so you should expect some changes sooner or later.

And with the Star Wars teaser trailer revealed few days ago and the last Hobbit movie almost on the big screen, my last month of the year could easily become the best part of this strenuous 2014.

I wish you all a great December! xo. Alice

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