Introducing Project 52

I love taking photos of my everyday life, it helps me to be grateful for the little things and finding beauty in my boring life. My biggest struggle was to find a purpose to the photos I snapped around, because they ended up being forgotten in my hard disk or in my Instagram feed. When I discovered Project Life, I immediately understood it was perfect for me, so I decided to easily document my life in a digital way, since I cannot print my photos and afford the cost of various cards and embellishments. That’s how I started filling my project life spreads on Becky Higgins’ iPhone app. I started a bit confused about the organization: filling it up monthly, weekly, daily? But after reading about Project 52, I decided to go with weekly spreads and I’m really happy with that so far!

As Tracy says, “while most people who decide to scrapbook Project Life style are married women with children, I am here because I want to show all the single ladies out there that they can do Project Life as well. [...] I'm single! I don't have kids, I don't have a husband - my life isn't exciting at all.”

So, here I am with my first four weeks of 2015.
For my first spreads I used a mixture of Studio Calico kit from Far Far Away Printable Journal Cards as well as the Project 52 and Seasonal Snapshot kits, which can be found on Project Life App.

You can see the spreads in a better quality on my Studio Calico profile here.

I decided to jot down all the little things from the everyday life that I'd like to remember on my Moleskine daily planner, so I can dedicate myself to fill out my weekly spreads every Sunday, choosing the best things to copy and paste on the journaling cards. It works for me so far and I really hope to be able to fill out the whole year.

Are you a Project Life-r too? Do you like to document your everyday life?

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