Favorite Musicians/Bands From High School | #30Lists

Happy Thursday, everyone!

Do you remember my post about documenting your life one list at a time? Well, the 30 Days of Lists challenge is still going and I'm really enjoying it, especially for all the creative people I'm meeting along the road.

I’m hosting today’s prompt and couldn't be more excited, even if I don't usually talk about music, I like to share my favourite artists and talking about my high school years. I love to lie down on my bed, with my iPhone and headphones, listening to my favourite songs. It's so relaxing!

You can get my full thoughts on today’s list prompt, as well as access to all 30 prompts (and the Facebook community + private blog) subscribing to 30 Days of Lists. Remember that it’s not too late to join the listing club and do the challenge at your own peace!

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