5 Magical Items I Would Love To Own

This is going to be not very fancy, because I'd love to own everything from Harry Potter's world, so you know...
Magic Wand. Of course! I already own Hermione's wand (picture above) and I already cast spells to my cat, but it seems not working, so please a working wand :D

Invisibility Cloak. Because sometimes you just want to disappear and enjoy the moments alone. Yay introverts!

Floo Powder. Okay, first I should build a fireplace in my house, but how cool would be to just be teleported somewhere without using a car?

The cloak of the members of the Fellowship of the Ring. I can be invisible with Harry's cloak, but why not just be camouflaged sometimes?

Time Turner. Of course! No explanations needed.

(Bonus) Sting. I know, there aren't any goblins around here, but a little sword that glows when the foes are around would be awesome.

I'd love to read yours! xo. Alice

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