April Photo Challenges Recap

I like photo challenges, because they let me update my Instagram profile with something different from the photos of my cat and the sky, also I love the communities around them, it's like finding like-minded people every time. I was writing the prompts for April on my planner when I realized I have joined three photo challenges for the month! (They were four, but I decided to put on hiatus the #ListersGottaList because it was way too much for me.) I usually join only one challenge at a time and I reach the end of the month so exausted that I need another month to recover...but three? I'll probably spend May without snapping any photos, haha. I thought it could be fun to share a small recap of #BetterLetteringCourse and #TolkienCollection in the middle of the month and it also allowed me to test the new app released by Instagram called Layout. I love how you can easily create collages with your images and, even if they can only be squares, I really love how the app works so far.

So, here are 9 of the photos I snapped for the #BetterLetteringCourse challenge so far. I didn't know hand-lettering was a thing on Instagram and I was really surprised by all the positive comments I received.
Then I also snapped some photos for the #TolkienCollection challenge, showing up my small (but growing) Tolkien collection and, again, so many people interacting with me.
I love sharing bits of my life on Instagram, but I thought to stick with a theme several times during the last few months, because it's the best way to find a sort of community and more engagement from your followers. However I am not ready for that at this time. I can't think about sharing one-themed photos for the rest of my days on Instagram, but I hope people keeps liking my feed.

Do you like photo challenges? Did you join one of them recently? I'd love to read your comments.

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