Day In The Life™ | May 2015

Last Tuesday, May 12, I decided to join Ali Edwards for my first Day In The Life™. The project is basically a documentation of the whole day through photos and words, the best thing is that there are no rules, you can capture what you’d like to remember and what you think that represent your life.

I should confess I was pretty nervous for several reasons, like snapping photos with a semi-broken iPhone 4 in a house that is usually too much dark (and that was a cloudy day, obviously). I really enjoyed the challenge though, but I decided not going crazy writing what I was doing all the time, that’s why I don’t have real captions for my photos.

May 12 was a pretty normal Tuesday. I woke up at 8.00AM and I went at the University with a friend (to resolve a couple of bureaucratic issues) after my favourite breakfast: cappuccino & brioche. The weather was cloudy and there was so much humidity that I felt so bad after half an hour on the bus. I came back home just in time for lunch and then I spent my afternoon catching up with blog posts, emails, my daily readings (my goal is to read a chapter each day at least), I drank my afternoon tea, I cuddled my cat, I cooked dinner and then I watched an episode of Arrow and one of Outlander. I went to bed at 12.30AM.

Since this is my first year doing this, I wasn't sure how to put all the photos together, so I started browsing Pinterest to find some inspiration and I stumbled upon a PS layered template by Ali Edwards that perfectly fit with the number of my photos (I just cut down the two big photo layers at the bottom and moved the ‘hello photos’ label).

I love how the photo of my sleepy cat seems to summarize my day! :)

Did you ever joined Ali Edwards for a Day In The Life™?

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