Happy Monday

Welcome to the new Happy Monday friends! I decided to include also little recaps of my week in addition to the interesting reads found along my way. I have this big plan to add also a link up here, would you like to join? I love link ups, because they help you to find new awesome blogs and connect with people.
  1. The trees along the street where I usually park my car are finally full of leaves and they're a great repair from the sun...not always from storms!
  2. My cat is already in Summer mode and spends her time sleeping on the balconies or on my bed.
  3. My little succulent is finally blooming!
  4. Orange roses for my mom.
(See more photos on Instagram!)

How was your weekend? Mine was just good, I successfully avoided almost all my social media (besides Instagram) and I read a lot, yay!

Wish you a great week. xo. Alice

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