Happy Monday

  1. I finally managed to purchase the Moleskine limited edition of Alice in Wonderland and I love it! The inside pages are even better than the cover. I decided to use it to record all the books I read and the films I watch, like a Goodreads on paper.
  2. We've experienced some crazy warm days (see the lazy cat?), that led to a super storm last Friday.
  3. Tuesday I joined Ali Edwards for my first Day In The Life™, you can read my post about that here.
  4. Last Friday I went to a local book fair and this year they had several Tolkien books! I purchased The Annotated Hobbit and The Adventures of Tom Bombadil, while my mom made me the best gift ever purchasing me a copy of The Hobbit illustrated by Alan Lee! I almost cried, since my mom never shared my passion for Tolkien.
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And now the funniest part of this post! Last week I asked your thoughts about a possible linkup and, after your positive answers, I decided to include one at the end of my Happy Monday posts.

Happy Monday! It's time to share your favourite post from the week and meet new friends. Please, read the rules below:
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