Week In The Life™ 2015 | Monday

I love memory keeping, I discovered Project Life at the end of last year and I'm currently using it to document my life each week. I even started creating some digital scrapbook layouts, joining challenges and so on. After enjoying December Daily® last year and trying out Day In The Life™ few months ago, I was totally excited to join Ali Edwards' for her annual project called Week in the Life™.

"A seven-day documentary project, Week In The Life™ began in 2005 as an annual opportunity to capture the simple everyday details of life with photos and words."

Ali is awesome, I love her blog and her projects and I was completely sure I would loved to document my life for an entire week with daily photos and stories. Everything was set up and I was ready.

Yesterday morning I woke up and I read the reminder about Week in the Life on my phone and the first thought was "Ugh, I'm too tired for snapping photos. I just woke up. I'll do it later." Later, I tried to capture my routine with the self-timer app of my phone and I ended up having so many crappy photos (where I looked horrible) that I deleted them all. I spent my morning at a local fair with a couple of friends and I totally forgot to snap photos. I came back home and I though "Shit, I forgot to snap photos! Let's try to capture my cat's routine." Yesterday my cat was absolutely crazy because of the birds outside and kept running here and there, so I ended up having only blurred photos. Very blurred, trust me.
I managed to snap few photos, but when I sat at my desk to organize them in a post and journal about my day I already felt myself a bit depressed for a couple of reasons, that I didn't want to document in detail a not-so-good day. So, my thought has been: "Let's see Ali's post tomorrow to find an inspiration to write mine".

After watching Ali's beautiful photos and viewing all the other participants' posts, I felt myself nauseated by my crappy/grainy/blurred photos and I gave up writing the post hoping for a better day ahead. I tried to snap some photos today, but I ended up being burned out before lunch. Yes, I know this isn't a competition and my everyday life matters, but I can't force myself.

I still live with my parents, their relationship is not so good, I spend 70% of my time in my bedroom (working/studying/writing), I wouldn't feel myself comfortable at all to snap photos of my parents during their everyday life knowing they don't like to be photographed, how many photos of my bedroom would be in my album after a whole week? Too many, for sure. Finally, my iPhone 4 is slowly leaving me and the camera doesn't work well anymore.
I realized I do love spontaneous memory keeping. I loved December Daily, because you had to focus on just one story per day (like what I actually do in my gratitude journal, more or less) not your whole routine. Last but not least, I realized I don't want to remember this season of my life in full details, because I am not at my best. Sounds dramatic, but I honestly prefer to snap photos of things that make me happy when they happen rather than forcing myself to capture what I'm doing right now to document my routine.

I won't quit the project, but I'll change the rules for me snapping only ONE photo per day. It'll lose its own purpose, I know, but it's my own way to enjoy this project.

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