Week In The Life™ 2015

After sharing my feelings about Ali Edwards' Week in the Life™ last week on the blog, I decided to go with the flow, no pressure, no rules. The result was better than I thought and I ended up not taking photos just for two days. I took all the photos with my iPhone 4 and I journaled about my days on Evernote every night.
I spent my morning at a local fair with my childhood friends, it was the annual celebration of the patron saint of my village and even my grandparents attended it when they were children. Then I spent my day at home following the #GoIndipendent workshop and reading.

I attempted to snap some photos and I ended up hating them all. I decided to write my honest thoughts about the challenge and I received so much support that I was moved! You can read my post here. Mom baked the Pavlova and we enjoyed it together after dinner.

Finally cleaning and decluttering my bedroom in the morning, I spent my afternoon reading business articles, creating a brand board for my blog and reading The Silkworm on my balcony. Today the sun was warm, but not too hot, so I actually enjoyed my time outside. Pizza at home and playing some LOTRO to finish the day in a great way!

A quiet day started with some home cleanings, laundry and reading blog posts. I spent the afternoon in the city with mom, we also had a booked tour with the Director of the Egyptian Museum. It was absolutely amazing and I can't wait to join the upcoming conferences he announced. Then we went at the cinese restaurant for dinner. Such a nice day, that I even forgot to snap photos! I don't have a single Thursday photo, but who cares when you have good memories jotted down?

Not many things happened, I joined Paper + Oats' Batch Day and I finally get shit done. I wrote two posts for Middle-earth News, organized my Evernote notebooks, created and filled a Trello Personal Board and decluttered my editorial calendar.

Super relaxing day started with breakfast at our favorite bakery, the best way to embrace the weekend. I played LOTRO for a bunch of hours in the afternoon and I managed to complete all the quests in the Trollshaws (yay!), finally moving to Rivendell. I also read a lot and I'm alfway through The Silkworm. Trying to fully enjoy this last days of Summer and vacation.

Grocery store shopping and massive cleaning of the kitchen. The weather was rainy, misty and cool and it looked like Fall, the light was almost abstent so I didn't snap a photo. We celebrated with the first cornmeal mush of the season.

I'm happy for not quitting the project, I'm going to print these Week Days Words designed by Ali Edwards and I'm going to use them as cards to jot down the story of my days. Unfortunately the photos will remain digital files for now.

Did you join Week In The Life™ this year? xo. Alice

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