December Daily 2015 | Week 2

Let's face it, I'm too busy to play around with Photoshop every week to make some pretty layouts to share my week with you. So, I decided to stick with the Project Life app and share my words here today.

The past week was shorter, because of December 8, which is a holiday here in Italy, but it's been very very stressful for me and I managed to complete very few tasks. Fortunately, December Daily also helps me to exercize gratitude.
This week was for...

...finishing up all the decorations at home, including my bedroom.
...relaxing and watching to Christmas movies in the living room, beside my beautiful Christmas tree (I'm a proud mom!).
...having breakfast before going to University and dreaming about the holidays, because this schedule is killing me.
...ending my classes so late that all the lights are sparkling in the city.
...spotting the best dawn while leaving for classes in the morning,
...receiving some awesome swag from Trello and beautiful Christmas presents from my friends all around the world!
...planning the week ahead and realizing it'll be the last (full) one before Christmas! Yay!

I'm going to slow down a little bit here on the blog for Christmas, because I'm going to have the most crazy week of the year and I won't be able to write more 5 Fandom Friday posts. I hope you'll enjoy my weekly recap with December Daily though!

In case you missed it:

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