December Daily 2015 | Week 3

Happy Monday, friends! I'm about to start the last few days of classes before the holidays and I'm so tired that I'm afraid of falling asleep at University! I ended last week with the highest amount of tiredness ever and you'll notice it for the lack of photos. Hopefully I'll have some time to relax (and study) after Christmas.
This week was for...

...hating this warm weather and hoping for a good amount of snow.
...admiring my favourite decorations during the dark, once I came back home.
...spending my entire day at classes and not being able to snap a single photo.
...looking for a nice dress to wear during the holidays and ending up spotting the best Christmas decorations (and not finding the dress).
...having lunch with my class mates and the last lesson of Prehistory. *sigh*
...ending my week on Saturday with more classes and a warmer weather.
...Christmas dinner with family friends!

How was your week?

In case you missed it:

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