Silmarillion Sunday | My Top 3 Companion Tools for Reading

Happy Silmarillion Sunday! The reading of JRR Tolkien's book will start tomorrow, you can find more about this project and the schedule here, and I couldn't be more excited.

Reading The Silmarillion isn't easy, especially for the amount of character and events, so today I want to share with you the companion tools I'm going to use during my rereading of the book.

1. My Kindle
No matter how much I love paper books, Amazon's Kindle has been my best friend during the last four years and I've been lucky enough to purchase the english edition of The Silmarillion for only 2$ last year. I'm going to read the book on my Kindle because it'll make it easier to carry the book with me at university and highlight passages, quotes and more. If you don't own a Kindle, remind that Amazon provides a free Kindle app for pc and tablets!

2. A Map
You'll need a different map of Middle-earth for this book. My parents gave me the map of Beleriand last year, but it's huge and very impractical to consult. So, here is where the LOTRProject will come in handy. This website is amazing and not only provides full detailed maps of Middle-earth (here is the one of Beleriand), you'll also find ALL the characters and the family trees of Tolkien's literature. There is also an amazing app for Android, in case you want to have Middle-earth always with you. I'm not an affiliate, I just purchased and used the app and I think it's incredible.

3. The Silmarillion Reader’s Guide
This is a little (free) gem I discovered during my years as Tumblr user. You can download it here and it's a super useful ebook that will guide you through the story chapter by chapter. I highly recommed it if it's your first time reading the book.

That's it! Be sure to follow me on Instagram (@alicegreenleaf) to keep up with my reading updates. And feel free to tag me if you're going to read the book too!

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