Month at a Glance | March

March is usually my least favorite month of the year, but this time I loved it! We've been lucky enough to see snow twice (!) after a warm Winter and I've been happy to celebrate #MiddleEarthMarch with my internet friends, especially on Instagram, where I saw the most amazing photos inspired by Tolkien's work.

March has been special also because I finally took the leap and I changed my Instagram username, now you can find me almost everywhere as @thegeekyburrow! It was a tough decision, since I loved my previous username (@alicegreenleaf) and I created it in 2013 when I joined Middle-earth News and I started exploring the internet more, outside the few italian blogs I used to read. To keep it alive, I creted a secondary Instagram account, but I'm going to tell you more about that in an upcoming blog post. :)

January: Connecting with Your Core

February: Big Magic, Radical Self-Love (review coming soon!)

March: The Fringe Hours, 365 Journal Writing Ideas
Taking a look at my reading challenges page you'd probably think I didn't read anything in those categories. Well, that's not completely true, let's say they are all work in progress!

Shelf Love Challenge 2016
January: Red's Untold Tale (My review), Big Magic (My review), And Then There Were None, A Scandal in Bohemia (from The Complete Sherlock Holmes)

February: N/A

March: The Adventure of the Red-Headed League (from The Complete Sherlock Holmes), A Case of Identity (from The Complete Sherlock Holmes)

The 2015 Re-Read Challenge
January: N/A

February: N/A

March: currently reading The Silmarillion

The 2015 Re-Read Challenge
January: N/A

February: N/A

March: currently reading The Silmarillion

I published my reading schedule for the Silmarillion rereading and I also shared some useful companions that would help you read it, then I tried to write every Sunday a sort of review of the weekly reads and I completely failed it!

I shared my March action step for my One Little Word, which involved me and my desire of letting go, and I shared two other ways to use Trello for organizing my life.

A blog post that people really appreciated was about the three books I'm afraid of rereading, it's a weird topic, but I really enjoyed sharing it! I also joined a new meme: Exploring My Bookshelves!

Finally, a post just to share some snapshots of all the snow we've been lucky enough to see. <3

Deadpool: not knowing the comics, I've been a bit disappointed by the brutality of some scenes, but I enjoyed the sarcasm.

Magic Mike XXL: I missed it when it was released and, well, it disappointed me a lot. I love seeing Tatum dancing, but some scenes were terribly slow and full of dialogs, the plot was meh...I didn't like it. Way better the first one!

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2: The previous film was one of the last I watched with my granny at the cinema, so it has a special place in my heart. I was afraid of not liking the sequel, but it was actually good and I really enjoyed every single minute of it. Recommended.

Aside from Pretty Little Liars and Once Upon A Time (loving Ades!), I took a little break from all the other series, after finishing The Shannara Chronicles, because I didn't enjoy them so much, but I'll probably catch up sometimes soon. I managed the finish my rewatching of the first season of Desperate Housewives and I started rewatching Lost! I loved so much this series, but I only watched once when the episodes were aired in TV with my dad, so last year I started purchasing for him all the DVD box sets for birthdays and holidays and now that he finished all the 6 series it's my turn! I'm so excited!

How was your March?

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