Project Life | May Pages (+ Summer wishes and goals)

May was busy, because of classes and voluntary work, so I was happy last Thursday to finally wrap up this academic year, even if it means that I'll spend my whole Summer studying (and doing) for exams. Commuting kills me, I always feel myself gross when the heat arrives and I have to take the crowded bus.

Being a student is hard. If you have a job, you come back home and maybe have some free time for your passion projects and hobbies; if you're a student, you come back home from classes and, well, you have to study.

Despite my One Little Word posts, I felt very disconnected with the concept of less lately. I'm really struggling with my study/real life + blogging balance, basically I don't have one and I usually find myself procrastinating instead of studying or writing blog posts, always feeling terribly guilty. I tried to give myself some rules, like just turning on my laptop only during the evening, I even put it in my closet to not be tempted (true story), but I kept feeling the need of being online, connected with the world. I'm struggling with it since highschool, when I discovered the magical world of blogs and the first social media (hello Windows Live Space and MSN!). So it's natural for me missing the '90 sometimes.

I have more wishes than goals for this Summer and one of them is to spend more time doing something productive offline!

And now, the fun part of this post, my Project Life layouts from May. :)

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