I'm Breaking the Rules! + Project Life + One Little Word

This is the most horrible title ever, but I have tons of things to share today! :)

I started this blog after taking A Beautiful Mess Blog Life class during back in August 2014 (happy blogversary to me, by the way!). Then I discovered the magical world of blogs about blogging and biz and it became like an obsession to me. I started following all the "rules" to make a succesful blog and possibly create a business, I was really passionate about it and without any esitation I started branding myself.

I love using social media like a pro, so I created new accounts to match my The Geeky Burrow brands and to run away from a couple of toxic people, to be completely honest with you, but, while I'm completely okay with multiple Instagram accounts, I'm feeling tired of Twitter. Tweeting as @thegeekyburrow made me being followed by the biz/book/geek bloggers I always admired, I joined Twitter chats, made new friends and more. But at the same time I went away from my fellow Tolkien fans and LOTRO players, because being caught up with two busy feeds is too much for me.

So, one year and two months later, I'm coming back to basics, breaking the rules of the good blogger and putting @thegeekyburrow on autopilot, while I'll share random things concerning my various passions over @alicegreenleaf.

I look like an overthinker crazy girl at the moment, I know, haha. That's my way to simplify and to put my One Little Word, less, in action this month! Now some photos from the month :)

How was your month, friends? :)

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