Project Life | August Pages + How My August Has Been the Most Challenging Month of this Year

Hello and happy Monday, friends! It's been awhile. I decided to take the whole month off (blog + social media) because I was feeling a little bit burned out and I was going to be away for two weeks, so I thought it might be the perfect time to take a break.

For those of you who don't know, I'm an archaeologist and I'm currently studying for my master degree, this Summer I went to work in an archaeological site for a couple of weeks, like last year, and the work was great, but not the company. Last year, I was with other five students and they were all nice people, I really enjoyed my time and I took it as a great vacation not like a job. Unfortunately it didn't go very well this year, I couldn't fit with my house mates and being 7 people in a two-room house with just one bathroom, no TV, no internet (in a desert little village) didn't help. I'm an introvert and the whole situation was too claustrophobic to me, so I ended up counting the days that separated me from my return home, I was sad and I hated the uncomfortable environment.

I was so happy to be back last week that everything looked nicer to me, even my commute! I decided to give myself a little gift after this not so pleasant August and I finally purchased a new graphic for my blog. Now it's mobile friendly and things look a bit more organized here, hope you'll like the new look! I'm going to tweak things around in the near future, just to make things smoother and I'll probably change my color palette, still brainstorming.

I'm so done with this super hot weather and Summer in general, that I can't wait for Fall! It's my favorite season because of several reasons, like rainy and cloudy days, my birthday, Halloween and all that magical time before Christmas.

How was your August, friends? Are you excited for Fall?

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