Project Life | September Pages + A Little Catch Up!

Happy October, friends! I couldn't be more excited for this month and this season, because it's truly my favorite time of the year (just after Christmas). I'm happy that Summer is finally behind us, I ended September with two other weeks away from home to work at another university excavation (I'm an archaeologist FYI) and this time went way better than my last experience in August, but I had this constant feeling of missing out. I was so busy being social that my only moment of the day to check out my emails was at the restaurant when we were waiting for our dinner. Then I came back home and I had 1 million of things to do, like catching up with university and reorganizing the mess of luggages and laundry at home, it's been crazy! I don't even know how I managed to join a couple of bookstagram challenges...(thanks to the beloved Later app, honestly.)

I'm happy to be back to my regular routine now and I'm excited for my last year of classes at university, I really want to be more present here on the blog in the future. I'm not going to do any bookish update though, because during the month of September I only managed to read few pages from Happier at Home and nothing more, ugh! My actual goal was to finish that book and read something else, but life happens.

Clearly, travelling with this frequency is not for me. I'm a homebody and I like to have control over my days, plan my tasks and activities and, most importantly, be able to have some me-time on a daily basis. This super social Summer has been exhausting and now I can't wait to curl up with a cup of tea diving into my Fall TBR...ALONE.

Speaking of which, I was so close to buy Harry Potter and the Cursed Child at a local book store the other day, when I realized that purchasing it on Amazon would make me save 3.50€, so I'm going to place my order very soon! I miss buying physical books at physical stores, but if it helps me save some money...

To wrap this up, here are some Project Life pages from September. I know, week 38 is missing, but it's made with a bunch of personal photos with my university mates, so, for privacy reasons, I'm just sharing my boring everyday life. :)

You can find all my 2016 Project Life pages on Pinterest.

Let's catch up! How was your September, friends?

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