December Daily 2016

One of the reasons why I started feeling burned out about blogging was the way I was doing it: pretending it was a job, scheduling my time to write posts, scheduling my posts, scheduling related tweets and so on. Blogging has always been my creative outlet, something to be e proud of and creativity cannot be scheduled. It's just like a wizard: arrives precisely when it means to.

These weeks away from the Burrow made me realize all this. Yes, I'll keep scheduling posts, because some days I might feel incredibly inspired and I might write 3 posts in a row, but mostly I want to return to a more free way to blog. Just like I did few years ago.

That said, tomorrow is going to be December 1st, the beginning of the most beautiful time of the year and, if you know me, you'd remember that I'm a big fan of Ali Edwards' December Daily project. I joined it the last couple of years, sharing weekly updates here on the blog. I wanted to do it again this year, but I wasn't sure about the format. I'm pretty content with the bookish theme on my Instagram account and I joined a couple of challenges there, I thought about starting a Tumblr to share my daily stories, because it's easy to add them on the go, but why adding more accounts when I'm already everywhere? Then, I thought I could use this blog as a Tumblr! So, I downloaded the Blogspot app (I never used it before) and I drafted this post in it to try it out and it work well on my smartphone!

I'm going to tweak this project a little bit, since I won't be able to create a mini album with my photos and I'm not sure if I'll take a photo every single day, but I'll try to blog (almost) every day here, nothing fancy, one senteces or two, the rules, after all, are very simple: The simple goal is to capture the spirit of December via one story per day.

I can't promise 25 blog posts, but I'll do my best to stick with it using reminders and preparing the drafts with tags and titles in advance. There will be only one sentences and a photo, or no photo at all, who knows? That's exactly what excites me the most. Not having all planned out for once!

I'm not going to crazy promote each post on social media scheduling multiple tweets a day, because I want to enjoy this month as much as I can, so the easiest way to stay updated would be following me on Bloglovin' or Feedly (or whatever feed reader you use! Here is the RSS link).

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