December Daily 2016 | Day 3

I finally decided to do something more tangible with my December stories. I had this little booklet my friend Maria picked up and sent me inside a beautiful Traveler's Notebook and, while I use the dot grid one for bullet journaling, I didn't know how to use this one, which is plain. I thought about joining some listing challenges, but I don't want to have too many daily commitments during one of the busiest months of the year, so I thought to just rewrite my blog posts there (translating them in italian).

I'd love to include a couple of photos too, but I can't print them, so I'll try to make the pages pretty with my little collection of washi tapes and a couple of stickers. I purchased 3 sheets of puffy stickers for only 1 Euro last year, because I wanted to decorate my planner, but I ended up not using them, because they were too thick and it wasn't easy writing the pages. But now I found a way to use them!

Forcing myself to write here every day makes the crafty process less stressing, since I can catch up with it any time, without having to decorate and write there on a daily basis. I just finished pre-decorating the next couple of days, by the way. Maybe I'll end up working on it during the weekends.

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