My New LOTRO Adventure

I started playing LOTRO (The Lord of the Rings Online) in 2013 and I basically never stopped since then. I was (and still is) my very first MMORPG and I would consider myself a casual gamer, since I cannot dedicate it much time during the week, due to my university commitments. This is mostly why I only dedicated myself to one character at a time in the past, my main is a badass little Hobbit warrior.

Lately I started thinking more and more about the lore, thanks also to Corey Olsen’s videos, and I realized that, despite my huge love for my little character, I wasn’t playing a very lore-friendly side-story with her. First of all, my Hobbit is a female and, if you’re familiar with Tolkien’s work, you know that Hobbits are not actual warriors and the main characters, the ones who go on adventures outside the Shire, are males. So I started thinking about how I could play closer to the story itself.

After my many adventures with Elves, I ended up not liking at all the way their faces look like (I can’t wait to see the upcoming High Elves!), Women are great, I’d love to play a shield maiden of Rohan, but, again, I don’t like how they look like, especially when they wear dresses (i.e. boobs), I don’t feel myself very Dwarv-ish and I excluded Beornings, because I’m not a fan of melee combats. So, it remained the Man race.

Playing a Man would be a perfect choice for me for a couple of reasons. First of all, I wouldn’t waste all my free time trying out ten different pretty dresses before actually start playing; second, it would be possible to choose one of the easiest classes, the Hunter. My main character is a Warden and, believe me, it takes a lot of effort to learn how to properly fight with all those skills! So, here is how I ended up creating this handsome guy named Flynnth.

I didn’t want to heavily role-play with this character, so I chose the Landroval server, which stays between Laurelin and the other ones (feel free to come and say hi, by the way!). Here are some appreciation screenshots of his first day in th wild.

I’m not going to abandon my main character, so I don’t know how much time I will dedicate to Flynnth, but I have a little project in mind. I want to focus myself on the Epic Quests line, trying to not be tempted to follow the other quest chains and see if I can do it without dying too many times. This is also a project that Corey Olsen started few months ago with his second character, so I’m like copying him, haha!

Hopefully I’ll be able to share some updates along the way. :)

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